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In this report, we examine the global investor discourse on board performance, executive remuneration and investor demands for more ‘transparency’ in corporate governance.

Link is trusted to run meetings on behalf of our clients worldwide. Our insights are based on our expertise and experience from the activities we undertake on behalf of our clients – such as proxy solicitation, investor communications, advice on AGM logistics and planning – and the results of each and every AGM we conduct.

Connecting people and technology is core to our business at Link. Utilising new virtual meeting technology to support shareholder engagement continues to be an area of debate in each of the jurisdictions, with some companies still unsure about the merits of opening up the AGM to an even wider audience that virtual engagement supports. That said, some of Link’s largest member organisations and listed clients have embraced the platform with positive and pleasing results.

We hope you enjoy the insights from our Meeting Services team at Link Group.

Voting Voting Read more   The small increase in online voting of 3.2%, taking the figure to 34% in 2018 is consistent with online voting trends since 2004. The greatest volume of online votes comes from the S&P/ASX 201+ base of voters with almost 50% of votes lodged online. Polling and Attendance Polling and Attendance Read more   All Link clients in the S&P/ASX 100 conducted a poll at their AGM with 97.50% taking all resolutions to poll. Polling was also high in the S&P/ASX 200 with 82.35% conducting a poll at their AGM. Shareholder Interaction Shareholder Interaction Read more   The number of clients offering questions increased in the S&P/ASX 200 but dropped in the other indices. These questions give our clients insight into the topics that may be raised at the AGM and give them a chance to prepare. Remuneration Resolution Remuneration Resolution Read more   This year we looked at the spread of the ‘For’ vote for the Remuneration Resolution. Companies in the S&P/ASX 200 have the most support from their holder base with 84.85% receiving a ‘For’ vote of 90%+. AGM Season Wrap AGM Season Wrap Read more   The 2018 AGM season was anything but boring with some fiery meetings, eyebrow-raising results and an increase in ‘against’ votes across the board, as predicted by industry observers. Client Engagement Survey Client Engagement Survey Read more   As part of Link’s ongoing commitment to strengthening relationships with our clients, we sent a survey in December 2018 seeking feedback on how we could improve client engagement and our service offering. Hybrid Meetings Held in Australia Hybrid Meetings Held in Australia Read more   In 2018 we saw a rise in the number of Australian clients wanting to increase investor engagement and encourage investor participation at their AGM by using Link Group’s hybrid meeting technology. International AGM Landscape International AGM Landscape Read more   This year we put a spotlight on the AGM landscape in the UK and New Zealand. Corporate Governance – The European Experience Corporate Governance – The European Experience Read more   The 2018 UK and European proxy season demonstrated that corporate governance continues to evolve toward greater accountability by boards, not only toward their shareholders but also toward the wider stakeholders affected by them. Shareholder Engagement in the 21st Century Shareholder Engagement in the 21st Century Read more   Is our industry meeting shareholder expectations? As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, it is increasingly possible to operate almost entirely online. National Venue List National Venue List Read more   The full list of available national venues are shown here. Organise a venue in your state and join in the conversation, you can even participate online through our virtual meeting platform.