At Link Group, we are focused on delivering the most innovative technology solutions for our clients. We are committed to remaining the service provider of choice for all your registry and meeting service needs by continuously improving & innovating our products.

During 2021 we conducted a series of research survey interviews with some of our clients to hear about what they had to say about our Virtual Meeting platform and our people. Our clients reflected upon their meeting experiences, in another challenging season managing meetings, while adhering to government lockdowns in some regions and government-imposed travel restrictions.

We thank our clients for their participation and appreciate their openness and honest feedback as without it, we cannot continue to enhance our platform and services to meet and exceed your expectations in the future.

Some feedback captured during research survey interviews:

“We passed on quite a lot of feedback from 2020 and quite a lot of that was picked up and we appreciate that”

“Feedback from our team is that they really liked the changes and could use the system quite well”

“The front end of the platform we think it's great”

“We like that you expanded the character limit for written questions in portal”

“Your team has done this a million times and know exactly what is going on.”

“I was totally blown away by how smoothly everything ran.”

“Continuous improvement year on year is fantastic.”