Our Companies

Link Group administers financial ownership data for over 10,000 clients globally, servicing an underlying stakeholder base of approximately 10 million superannuation account holders and over 35 million individual shareholders.

As a market leading technology–enabled partner, we use our capabilities to provide fund administration, share registration and related services to clients in Australasia, Asia, Africa and Europe. Our range of value added services includes member analysis, stakeholder engagement, employee share plans and company secretarial services.

In addition, we are a member of the Global Share Alliance, providing enhanced global registry services to multinational companies listed on multiple exchanges. Visit the GSA website for more information.

Below is a list of our companies:

  • Fund Administration

  • AAS

    AAS is one of Australia's leading fund administration specialists, responsible for approximately 10 million super accounts. We are innovators in superannuation and pension administration, introducing streamlined systems for trustees, employers and members, and taking a proactive role in helping Australians grow their retirement savings.

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  • Link Advice

    Link Advice is guided by a vision. Since 1995, we have been striving to improve the financial well-being of the average working Australian. We've made financial advice and education accessible to all so that more Australians can enjoy a brighter financial future.

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  • Super Clearing House

    As an organisation we are dedicated to the provision of premium service, utilising innovative technology and industry expertise to deliver tailored best practice solutions and value to clients.

    SCH Online allows employers to make contributions to any superannuation fund through the Employer portal website provided by the Employer Fund. You can deal with all your superannuation obligations via a single website and with a single payment.

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  • Corporate Markets

  • Link Market Services

    Link Group operates its global share registry and related businesses (including Employee Share Plans and AGM services) under the Link Market Services brand in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, the Middle East, Hong Kong, United Kindom and PNG, and under Link Intime in India. In each of these markets we are either the number one or number two provider of registry services, and in aggregate, we look after the registers of some 2,500 issuers, representing over 30 million shareholders.

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  • Link Intime

    Link Intime is an integrated player in the IPO & Corporate Registry business with Pan India reach and reputation. Over time, Link Intime has become one of the largest and most trusted names in the IPO & Corporate Registry industry, with a credible and distinguished history of excellence.

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  • Orient Capital

    Orient Capital is a global leader in share ownership analysis, market intelligence, investor communication, proxy solicitation and shareholder management technology.

    We are the largest analyser of share registers globally and the dominant provider of equity ownership analytics in multiple markets. We help listed companies identify and track their shareholders, as well as their behaviour, using either local ownership disclosure provisions or our own proprietary methodologies.

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  • D.F. King

    Founded in 1942, D.F. King is an expert in stakeholder engagement, providing comprehensive global advisory and execution services for equity and debt transactions, as well as support in insolvency matters.

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  • Link Fund Solutions

    Founded in 1996, Link Fund Solutions is a specialist provider of outsourced middle and back office administration, fund accounting and custodial services to a range of clients, including fund managers, trustees and listed investment companies.

    With a proud history built on our reputation for quality solutions and valued partnerships, we now service around 100 clients and have in excess of $50 billion in funds under administration.

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  • Company Matters

    Company Matters Pty Limited was established in 2006 to bridge the service gap between a sole practitioner company secretarial service and a corporate law firm. Company Matters' specialised service offering is practical - we focus on prevailing governance and company secretarial matters within a boutique law firm structure. This is what makes Company Matters unique.

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  • Technology & Innovation

  • Link Digital Solutions

    Link Digital Solutions delivers innovative digital and mobile solutions, from online self-service portals through to mobile-led acquisition and engagement technologies. With a focus on delivering real-time functionality to the end-user, our clients include some of the largest listed companies across the globe, as well as many industry superannuation and pension funds.

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  • Empirics

    Empirics is a market leading provider of data integration and analytics services for the superannuation industry. With the ability to generate a single customer view of all data, together with predictive analytics and marketing automation, Empirics is an integral part of many funds' retention and engagement strategies. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney and clients across Australia, Empirics can help unlock insights within data for a variety of industries to significantly improve business outcomes and the customer experience.

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  • SyncSoft

    Syncsoft is a provider of software based on the highly automated Capital platform for superannuation funds, wealth managers and group life providers to automate and streamline administration processes. With Capital an integrated solution, Syncsoft focuses on architecture and technology that reduces the cost of ownership, provides scalability, efficiency improvements and decreased time to market for new product offers.

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  • Link Digicom

    Link DigiCom are direct communications specialists who develop best-fit, cost-effective communications across delivery channels such as email, SMS, and traditional mail. With a focus on helping to deliver the right message at the right time, Link DigiCom also offers advanced reporting & post-campaign analytics to measure results and identify opportunities for future campaigns, as well as consultative advice on how to transition to a digital communications strategy.

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  • Adviser Network

    Adviser Network provides financial advice services and technology to the Australian Superannuation Industry. With clients across Australia's financial centres, Adviser Network delivers tailored, efficient and scalable solutions through both an integrated direct and online capability.

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  • Asset Services

  • Link Asset Services

    Link Asset Services is a market leading provider of a broad range of financial and administrative services in both regulated and unregulated markets the UK & Europe. We build longstanding relationships and our clients rely on us to provide robust & agile technology, combined with relevant, accurate & timely industry knowledge & expertise.

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  • Asset Services

    Our Banking & Credit Management capability is provided by Asset Services and works in partnership as a one-stop shop with some of the largest and most prolific acquirers and originators of secured & unsecured loans as they move across jurisdictions and asset classes. Our clients include amongst others debt funds, private equity, government agencies, retail & investment banks, life companies; and pension funds. We operate in regulated markets and the work we and our clients undertake results in more efficient capital structures for lenders.

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