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Link Group administers financial ownership data and drives user engagement, analysis and insight through technology. We deliver complete solutions for companies, large asset owners and trustees across the globe. Our commitment to market-leading client solutions is underpinned by our investment in people, processes and technology.

Because Link Group is a fast-growing global financial services and technology group, it is essential for us to identify, understand and manage the risks arising from globalisation, technology, people’s expectations, changing business environments and increasingly stringent regulations, and to explore the opportunities that these create. Focusing on and mitigating these risks helps us to evolve and grow, maintain our social licence to operate and identify areas in which we can make a difference.

We are determined to be ever more sustainable, meaning we must increase our positive, sustainable impacts and reduce our negative impacts, whilst continuing to improve our financial performance. Doing these things will help ensure we are here for the long term.

Like most leading companies today, we recognise our wider responsibilities and the opportunity to generate value for our clients, people, shareholders and the community at large. Sustainability applies across all areas: from the work we do for clients and the way we look after our people, to the way we donate to causes through volunteering and cash donations. We run our business ethically and fairly and commit to limiting, as far as practicable, our use of resources.

You can read our Board-endorsed Sustainability Policy here.

We prepare the annual Link Group Sustainability Report in accordance with the 'Core' option of the Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI standards. The Report covers all countries in which we operate and demonstrates our commitment to transparency. We continue to deepen our understanding of our material risks, engage further with our stakeholders, and set targets for our sustainability performance against which we report our progress annually.

Links to our Sustainability Report for FY2019 and previous years are below. If you have any queries about the Report or our sustainability performance, please contact our Sustainability Manager at sustainability@linkgroup.com.

Gender Diversity

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, Link Group has lodged its annual public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

A copy of Link Group’s public WGEA report can be found at https://www.wgea.gov.au/public-reports

Today, Link Group is a market-leading provider of technology-enabled administration solutions, with over 6,000 employees working across the globe. Our clients include some of the world’s largest corporations, pension funds, and financial institutions.

John McMurtrie
Managing Director

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